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Here’s a collection of some reviews and special shows and, generally, stuff we’ve been proud of over the years.

Like for Jazz Hand –

“The show stars Mary Theresa Archbold and her husband, Pat Shay, two actors who are so incredibly likable that when the show is over, you want to watch them do another show and then take them out for coffee”

Read the full review here.

We got an “A” in the Charleston City Paper

“The show is awe-inspiring and fun, a rare mix” – DC Style is Real, about our performance at the Kennedy Center.

Read the full review here.

Here’s where Mary sits down to talk with Ira Glass at This American Life.

Mary’s award for Outstanding Actor at FringeNYC.

Mary’s award for Best Actor at the NBC Universal Shortcuts Festival

If you’d like to see the show in its entirety, the folks at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts taped our performance there.

The New York Times finds Mary “Especially clever” in this production of Merchant of Venice.

The New York Times also finds Mary to be a “Grounded Advocate” for tolerance in Rich Orloff’s Skin Deep

Pat’s observations are “Priceless” according to the Chicago Reader

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