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Jazz Hand: Tales of a One-Armed WomaHilarious and Awe-Inspiringn is our One-Hour Sketch comedy show about Mary’s experiences as a One-Armed Woman. Click here for booking information

We premiered Jazz Hand: Tales of a One-Armed Woman at the New York International Fringe Festival. It was a big deal for us for many reasons:

-Despite the fact that we had been together a decade, it was the first show we had written together.

-It was the first time Mary had addressed her arm on stage. After a lifetime of performing (much of it as a Dancer), it was the first time she had addressed it.Hilarious and Awe-Inspiring!

It was a scary thought – doing a bit of comedy about something very personal – and to be honest, a little painful. So as the festival went on and the reviews started coming in and we realized that it was going over well, the sense of gratification was amazing.“The chemistry between a husband and


When, at the end of the run, Mary won FringeNYC’s Outstanding Actor Award, it was almost more than we could have asked.

That began a series of performances at venues around the country: The LA Independent Comedy Festival, Piccolo Fringe in Charleston, The MAT in Colorado, until recently, we were invited to perform it at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC. Click here to see the full performance.

And then we heard about the NBC Shortcuts festival – and we decided to make a short film of the opening number and enter it. We brought in a new friend, Michelle Vargas, and here’s what happened:

We were excited to make it to the semifinals. We were even more excited when we arrived at the screening to discover that “Making the Semifinals” meant being in the final Eight films of over 1200 entries.

And when our little film made it to the Finals – and Mary won the Best Actor award, we were over the moon.“The show is awe-inspiring and fun, a

So we went back to work – we started working on a feature-length screenplay based on our sketch comedy show. And, even though it was in draft stage, we figured “what the heck” and sent it over to the SlamDance Screenwriting competition. We were pretty delighted that it got to the Semi-finals.

And now, as we continue to revise the script, helped by feedback we gleaned at a reading hosted by Theater Breaking Through Barriers, we’re looking out to make this thing happen: whether we find a producing partner or forge it on our own, we believe it’s a story that should be told. And if YOU are interested in being a part of this, just let us know!

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