We do a couple of video series and then we also just make some fun videos from time to time. Case in point:

Pat and Mary Save Their Marriage

We made this series with our tremendous friend, Shawn Amaro, based on sketches we wrote for our stage show of the same name. You can watch this playlist here, or click through to Youtube and watch the videos one at a time.


As much as we love making P&MSTM, we also wanted to do a series we could shoot a little more “on the fly”… while our baby was napping. So we started “Boom! Some Knowledge”

We also have a new series we’re working on for this year, called “Dear History” – that’s right – Great Figures from History are going to answer YOUR questions. A real advice column with real advice from the ages. It’s coming soon, so Subscribe to our youtube or tumblr so you can find out about it.

And if you like the random, odd little video, check these out!

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